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Time for Magic

So, this is 2020? Another glorious year in the wonderful world of website design. Small business marketing is so challenging (in a good way) and I enjoy it so much. But I never imagined that eight years after La Mirada, I would be still learning and growing with Night Owl Websites. This year I had the honor of meeting some new and beautiful friends. I still have some clients that have stuck with me for years. Each Website Design project is like getting to be involved in somebody else's dream and I always feel grateful for the trust that clients put in me to help them brainstorm and move forward as a member of their 'marketing team.

Let's see where this New Year and new decade will take those of us who love, honor and appreciate entrepreneurship. Stay open-hearted and open-minded. Always believe that something magical is about to happen. I wish all my friends (past, present and future) a wonderful year of growth and love!

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