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SEO Expert Secrets for 2020

Search Engine Optimization is a very specific niche and skill set. Luckily, Jamie Smale, a friend to Night Owl Websites, has been "squeezed" into sharing a list of very important secrets that will attract Google to your website.

So here's a quick summary of the SEO Points made in this informative video;

1. Keyword Research. Before writing your article. Do your keyword research.

2. Use keywords from the title of the article in your URL.

3. Top Image. Open Graph. The shareable thumbnail for social media. Set the text description.

4. Body of Article, keywords and keyword phrases should be used at least 3 or 4 times (2-4% density) of the article text.

5. Keywords Must be in first paragraph.

6. Keyword Stuffing. Google doesn't like that. Don't overuse your keywords.

7. Header Tags. Be sure to use available Header Tags within blog.

8. Position Zero is where it's at. Not Position One.

9. Snippets. This is what we are going for. If Google uses your article in Snippets, you are doing a fantastic SEO job.

10. Infographics. Google loves infographics. Use them.

11. Google loves lists. "Five ways to Get to the Top of the List" would be a good title.

12. Outbound Links. Google likes external links. Also, backlinks.

13. Internal Links. Use a link to anchor and interlinking is big in SEO.

14. Images. Use all alt tags available.

So there you go. Eleven and a half minutes of SEO secrets that will help your website and articles in Google's 2020 playing field.



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