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I am Passionate About Your Website!

Night Owl Websites was created to bring easy access to Website Design and Digital Marketing to our local community. 

I love marketing small businesses and I love getting to know your company.  I will take the time to understand your goals, interests, customers and create a beautiful website that feels like you. I will support your website and you, as your business, grows and changes. Contact me and we can share ideas to create an exciting new marketing plan. 

A Little Background...

I graduated from UNM in the 80's with a BA in Communications and Business Management. I had planned to work in video production, but was sidetracked by the opportunity to get into the real estate business. I had an interest in commercial real estate, and I promptly got a real estate sales certificate and discovered how hard it was for a 21 year old to survive on a commission check that may not come in for six months. So, being the college grajeate that I was, decided I needed more certificates and went into Life and Health Insurance, and even sold Auto Insurance. Again, selling insurance was one of the hardest things I could have tried to do as a twenty-something year old. However, the Art of Selling and self-marketing was a required training and I still use some valuable tools acquired then.


Sometime after that I took the opportunity to work a regular job in the phone room of the Classified Department at the Albuquerque Journal / Tribune. The department manager apparently thought I had potential and moved me up in the ranks to Display Advertising. I really enjoyed print advertising and gravitated to those beautiful Mac computers and  graphic art.  After a few years, the excitement and glamour of my family's restaurant called and off I went.

Imelda Courtyard Profile

Imelda Sisneros


  A small business, like a restaurant is a place where you get the opportunity to do every job, from accounting, purchasing, waiting tables and mopping floors. Although we often just got paid in burritos (my Dad thought that was funny)  working with your mom, dad and sisters is the best experience. We had lots of fun and camaradarie together and with lots of other family members who joined us at one time or another. Working at crunch time really teaches you teamwork.  More than that, working together also taught us every angle of running a business in our community. My dad, being the head entrepreneur, would build one business after another, for his daughters to work and manage, presumably to keep us out of trouble.   


But in time, the big city called me, and I felt that New York was where I'd rather be, so I left Belen for the bright lights of Broadway. I was very fortunate to find positions all over the city from the Empire State Building to the World Trade Center. Finally, the country mouse found a great gig in the  financial industry and was pretty proud at the time, for holding the title of Assistant Vice President (one of many AVPs), But still.


Then 9/11 happened and it was an exasperating time . Shortly thereafter we learned my dad had a terminal cancer and we lost him at the young age of 63. So, my two sisters and I put our grief to work. We regrouped to revive and run the family business. We rebranded ourselves from a restaurant/motel/rv park to La Mirada Hotel - A Bed and Breakfast, Wedding and Event Center. And of course the RV Park. On a shoestring budget, We not only completely remodeled existing buildings, but rebranded our business model. I am proud of my sisters and  the progress we made and, at times, I still miss those days. So many lessons learned. Running a tourism property in a small community definitely has certain obstacles and the task of drawing clientele in from Valencia County and clients from far away places was most definitely the highest challenge. During the time spent growing our businesses, I realized my very favorite tasks involved branding and marketng. So, after a decade of taking care of guests from near and far, our time at La Mirada came to an end.


After taking time to adjust from a career of changing business identities, I took my crafty skills and honed them by helping others with their marketing efforts. Now, after nine years as Night Owl Websites, I happily offer new and existing businesses my skill and experience in marketing business in our community of Belen, Los Lunas and Valencia County.  I understand what you  business owners may be going through, whether you are just getting started or need a boost or rebranding. 

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